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Registered Classes

4 week session

One(1) class a week  |  $52.00

One(1) dance class a week for four(4) weeks.

Total of four(4) classes a month.

Two(2) classes a week  |  $96.00

Two(2) dance classes a week for four(4) weeks. Total of eight(8) classes a month.

Drop-in |  $15.00 (last week of each month)

Pop-Up Classes

Drop-in Price / Class Cards

One(1) per class session  |  $15.00

Four(4) Pop-UP Class Card | $52.00

Class card: $13 a/class | Total savings: $8!

Eight(8) Pop-UP Class Card | $96.00

Class card: $12 a/class. | Total savings: $24!

Guest choreography | Masterclass price will vary.

Intermediate/Advanced levels

Floor Space Rental

Not-for-Profit | $50.00/hour Large Room

$40.00/.5 hour Large Room



For-Profit | *Please call for inquiries



*All space rentals will only be booked after an

invoice has been emailed and payment has

been received.

*50 % must be paid in advance to book the

space. Cancellation must me made 24 hours in


Open floor Session

Drop-in Price

Monday drop-in |  $3.00 (8pm-10pm)


Share and tag (3) friends on the flyer.

Please show front desk when you sign in.

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