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           Accepted payment types include cash or card transaction only. Receipts are available either printed or emailed at your request. All registered classes run on four (4) consecutive week sessions. 

                 *No refunds on classes after the first class.

                 *No transferring funds/credit between accounts.                 


             Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. Once a student is checked in, it will be considered as one of their four sessions. Please see Make ups for how to take care of any absences.

              Holidays will not count towards the four (4) weeks if it falls on the day of the registered class. Should class be cancelled on our behalf, it too will not count towards your four (4) classes. In this instance, we will let you know when your last class will be or let you know to come in during the week to a different class to make it up. 


                Missed a class?! You can make it up by attending any of our weekly classes within the 4 weeks that you are registered for. Want to try a different style as your make up?! That’s ok too! If you’re planning on missing a class, please call or text us in advance. All makeups must be taken care of within those four (4) weeks or that class will be forfeited. Transferring funds or refunds will not be allowed.


              ALL Hip Hop dance classes: Comfortable clothing that isn’t restricting. No jeans or skirts or dresses. Please wear shoes that are comfortable, and also completely cover the feet to prevent injuries. No sandals or boots.



        If at any time your child is disrespectful or disruptive, and the teacher is unable to keep them engaged and participating, your child will be removed from the class without a refund for that day.

        Spectators / Parents are NOT permitted in the dance room or viewing area. The lobby area will display a live camera view of the dance room to allow you to watch your dancer. Please wait for staff instructions for viewing or class recording. 

​        Drinks with a cap will be allowed in the dance room and should be placed on our shelving and cubbies provided. ABSOLUTLEY NO FOOD IN THE DANCE ROOM ALLOWED. We do sell water bottles at the front desk, and we ask that any food or other drinks be kept in the viewing room or lobby area, and please use the trash bins provided to keep our dance center clean!

Dance Center Policies

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